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Medical Imaging Saves Lives


Medical imaging has revolutionized health care over the past 30 years, allowing doctors to find disease earlier and improve patient outcomes.

Here are just a few examples:

Imaging Saves Lives: Newly developed scans for people at high risk for lung cancer could save up to 20,000 lives every year.

Imaging Improves Cancer Care: Imaging can identify where malignant cancers have spread in the body and monitor the effectiveness of chemotherapy to better target treatment.

Imaging Is Personal: Advances in 3-D imaging allow doctors to tailor screenings for diseases like breast cancer to the needs of individual patients, which increases early detection and decreases painful tissue biopsy.

Despite the proven benefits of medical imaging, Congress continues to consider cutting Medicare reimbursements for these procedures.

Congress has already cut reimbursements 15 times since 2006, and further cuts will hurt patient access to this essential technology and inhibit early detection.

That’s why we’re making it a priority to tell Congress to preserve patient access to medical imaging by protecting Medicare reimbursements for these services. It’s vital we protect access to the right scan at the right time for patients across America.