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Medical Imaging Saves Lives


Medical imaging has revolutionized health care over the past 30 years, allowing doctors to find disease earlier and improve patient outcomes. From patient to doctors, the benefits of imaging stand out, that's why the medical imaging as one of the top medical developments of the past 1,000 years.

Many individuals can share their examples of the benefits of medical imaging. From the mother who caught her breast cancer at an early stage avoiding radiation, to the uncle who detected a blockage in his arteries before having a stroke. From personal to national, medical imaging has made a difference. 

Here are just a few examples of the broader medical imaging’s effects:

Imaging Saves Lives: A study showed that increased use of medical imaging is directly tied to an increase in life expectancy for Americans. This is because medical imaging can detect and diagnose diseases at its earliest, most treatable stages and guides physicians and patients in determining the most appropriate and effective care.

  • Early detector lung cancer scans can save up to 20,000 high-risk lives every year.
  • Advances in 3-D imaging allow doctors to tailor screenings for diseases like breast cancer to the needs of individual patients, which increases early detection and decreases painful tissue biopsy. When breast cancer is detected early, the five-year survival rate is 99 percent!

Improving Health Outcomes: In addition to early detection, medical imaging allows for more effective treatment of diseases. With imaging, physicians can identify where malignant cancers have spread in the body and monitor the effectiveness of chemotherapy to better target treatment.

  • With these advancements and innovations, the amount of radiation used has decreased up to 75%!
  • Image-guided radiation therapy targets tumors and limits harm to healthy cells.

It’s vital we protect access to the right scan at the right time for your family and for families across America.