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Congress Has 100 Days to Act

The medical device tax will go back into effect at the end of this year.

As the clock has continued to tick, we have heard voices across the country speak out against this tax.

We’ve heard from patient leaders like Tracey Dedering, who hope that lawmakers get rid of this tax so cancer “thrivers” can get the treatments they need. We’ve heard from medical professionals, like the American Dental Association, who are worried about the effects of device tax on patient care, innovation and cost. We’ve heard from members of the media, including the Wall Street Journal editorial board, who recognize that the device tax is a “nasty tax on medical innovation.” And we’ve heard from bipartisan lawmakers – nearly 300 of them! – who agree that it is time to fully repeal this tax once and for all.

So today as we begin the 100-day countdown, we as advocates – and all the voices who have joined us over the past year – must recommit ourselves to the fight for medical innovation. The efforts we have seen from our lawmakers, while important, will only be able to protect jobs and medical innovation if legislation is passed by December 31st.

Make sure your lawmakers understand the urgent need for action: send your letter now.

Click here to take action.

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