Patient Spotlight: Bobby Krause

Just a few years ago, Bobby was a 39-year-old marketing executive who reveled in the joys of parenthood, was actively involved in his kids’ sports activities, and traveled internationally for work – until his world was turned upside down by his Parkinson’s diagnosis.

Bobby’s doctor prescribed a medication that was meant to alleviate his symptoms but came with its own set of challenges – including fatigue and depression. As a devoted father, realizing that his tremor and medication restricted him from engaging with his children hit him the hardest. In his professional life, Bobby faced difficulties presenting, having to hide his hands in his pockets to keep from noticeably shaking. Even typing emails was a challenge, as his tremor made his typing inconsistent.

Bobby knew there had to be a better way to manage his condition.

The turning point came at his son’s birthday party. Even surrounded by family and friends, Bobby was distant and irritable. After overhearing his son explain to his friends that Bobby’s personality was changed by his medication, he realized that he didn’t want to rely solely on medication that was harming his quality of life. Then and there, Bobby decided to stop taking his medication and called his doctor, explaining his desire to find another treatment.

Bobby’s search for new treatment options led him to focused ultrasound, a procedure that can precisely target tissue and alleviate symptoms of many medical conditions, including Parkinson’s disease.  Intrigued by its potential to treat Parkinson’s without invasive surgery, Bobby delved into research, sought expert advice, and finally made the decision to undergo the procedure.

The results of focused ultrasound were instant. During the procedure, Bobby saw his body visibly relax as the tremor and muscle stiffness subsided. That very night, he went on a hike and a run – thrilled to participate in activities that were once not possible. Bobby had the procedure on a Thursday, took Friday off as instructed, and was back to work that Monday. Just recently, Bobby attended his oldest son’s high school graduation, a milestone he once feared would be complicated by his Parkinson’s symptoms and medication. This breakthrough procedure has opened up a world of opportunities for Bobby, allowing him to actively enjoy the moments that matter most.

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