Patient Leader Erika Hanson Brown Urges the Senate Finance Committee to #RepealDeviceTax

Recently, the Senate Finance Committee Health Tax Task Force held a meeting to discuss the medical device tax.

While the 2.3% excise tax on medical technology sales is currently suspended, time is running out for Congress to fully repeal the tax before it goes into effect in 2020. A panel of five speakers participated in the meeting – including CEOs of small businesses, medical research advocates, and patient leader Erika Hanson Brown.

Each participant shared the negative impact this tax has had on their businesses, investment opportunities, research funding, and access to life-saving medical technologies.

See some of Erika’s remarks below:

The clock is ticking. Congress has less than 176 days to finally put an end to this short-sighted tax and instead encourage health care innovation and investment. Your lawmakers need to hear from you – send an email now urging them to fully repeal the device tax.

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