Congressional Briefing Discusses the Potential of Focused Ultrasound Therapy

With high incidences of neurologic conditions like chronic pain, childhood brain tumors, and mental illnesses, the need is greater than ever for innovative technologies capable of delivering targeted therapies to the brain.

The Focused Ultrasound Foundation recently showcased the benefits of low- and high-intensity focused ultrasound therapies for treating neurological conditions in a recent congressional briefing. During the conversation, Senator Mark Warner of Virginia highlighted the current research initiatives underway to further understand this technology’s potential for treating various medical conditions.

Ultrasound therapy experts, including Dr. Jessica Foley of the Focused Ultrasound Foundation, elaborated on the FDA-approved uses of focused ultrasound and the extensive ongoing research into over 180 new clinical applications of this therapeutic technology. Additionally, Terri Freson, a chronic pain patient, shared her experience participating in a clinical trial that used focused ultrasound ablation to treat neuropathic nerve pain – significantly reducing her pain levels and improving her quality of life.

To expand patient access to focused ultrasound treatment, it’s critical that Congress support policies to increase research funding, boost awareness, and implement adequate reimbursement for providers.  

To read more about the briefing and to watch the recording, click here.

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