Advocating for Equitable Access to AI in Healthcare During National Minority Health Month

Each April, National Minority Health Month reminds us of the importance of supporting policies that address healthcare disparities disproportionately affecting racial and ethnic minority groups.

Despite advancements in healthcare technologies, minority populations continue to face significant barriers to accessing the care they need. Data shows that Black, Hispanic, Asian, American Indian, and Alaska Native populations are more likely to face barriers to care access and healthcare inequalities. Many of these groups are also less likely to access imaging technology procedures.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in medical imaging is revolutionizing the detection and treatment of diseases, offering earlier, more accurate diagnoses and better patient outcomes. Access to AI-enabled medical technologies will be revolutionary for improving healthcare in racial and ethnic minority communities. Despite nearly 700 AI medical devices being authorized by the FDA, Medicare reimbursement has not kept pace, leaving healthcare providers lacking payment for adoption and use of these technologies.

Medicare will need to develop a structured reimbursement model for AI. Otherwise, those who can afford out-of-pocket costs will have access to this advanced care, while medically underserved communities and minority populations will be left with restricted access, or none at all.

To ensure equitable access for minority health populations, we’re advocating for CMS to implement a formalized payment pathway for AI healthcare services. We invite you to contact your lawmakers to join us in advocating for the accessibility of AI healthcare imaging technologies. Through advocacy, we can increase access to cutting-edge care for all patients and help eliminate health disparity barriers.

Email your lawmakers now and ask them to support access to innovative AI technologies!

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