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Men’s Health Awareness Week

In the United States, men are less likely than women to visit their healthcare providers. Regular screenings are essential for detecting disease early and beginning therapy at a treatable stage. Every June, we recognize Men's Health Week to raise awareness and promote regular screenings for early detection among men.

Annual screenings can save lives. Thanks to the advancements in medical imaging, detecting and diagnosing diseases at the earliest stages allows physicians to use the provide more effective treatments.

Many of our patient leaders know firsthand how important early detection can be:  

“I really feel blessed, not just because I had the HIFU treatment and was able to pay for it, but also because I was fortunate enough to catch my cancer early.”

Thomas Newell





“I was fortunate to have it diagnosed at a very early stage. Since another family member had prostate cancer ten years earlier, I knew I was at increased risk of developing prostate cancer, so I made sure to have frequent PSA blood tests and prostate exams.”

Dr. Robert Pugach




“Cancer is scary, but earlier diagnosis and detection means more cancer patients can become cancer survivors. I am proud to be one of them and excited to advocate for improved access and innovation in medical imaging!”

Randy Broad





Early detection and diagnosis through screenings are possible because of the strides we have made in medical imaging innovation. Recently, Congress introduced legislation to protect innovation in the medical imaging field with the Protect Medical Innovation Act (S. 692 and H.R. 2207).

Click here to ask your lawmakers to support this important legislation!

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