Patient Leader Spotlight

Chris Hornbeek

26 years ago, I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma and had a tumor removed from my chest as well as six rounds of high-dose chemotherapy. For over a decade, I had no evidence of disease, but a recent check-up scan found a malignant solitary fibrous tumor that has since been removed from my hip.

Because of the high-dose chemotherapy from my first cancer treatment, I am no longer eligible for chemotherapy. I am lucky though because after they removed the tumor from my hip doctors determined that I did not need any more follow-up treatments except for receiving scans every six months.

In addition to being a cancer survivor myself, I have also been a caregiver for my mother, so I understand both the patient and caregiver sides of treatment. I’m grateful I was recently able to bring my story to lawmakers in DC and advocate for repeal of the medical device tax. I know saving lives in the future will depend on sustaining medical technology innovation today.